Exalt the Lord


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Psalm 108:5 “Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.” (NIV)

Child – You are to exalt Me over yourself and everything else in your life. I am to be first, last and always at the center of your thoughts, prayers and meditations. I am the way to fullness of life and peace. My joy will flood over your soul as you seek Me first.

“Only and always”… that can and must be your focus to live in my kingdom moment by moment. It’s a learning process. As you seek Me and learn more of Me and my heart for you, you will begin to trust more. Level by level you will walk higher and higher above the circumstances of life.

Yes, the circumstances may still be there. But you can walk triumphantly over them, trampling the enemy and his plans for destruction under your feet. It is only through focusing on Me and utilizing my power that you are a conqueror. In Me you have all you need to face the day.

Exalt Me today and see…

Love you,  Abba

Psalm 34:3; Proverbs 16:3; Proverbs 3:5-6; Romans 8:37


The Dynamic Duo


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2 Corinthians 1:2 “Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” (NIV)

Child – Grace and peace go hand in hand. They are gifts given to you each day, but you must accept and make use of them. My grace is power to do all I set before you. Everything worthwhile is accomplished through my grace. Do not attempt to do any of my assigned tasks without seeking my face and the grace I readily supply for doing them.

I choose to accomplish my good plan through you and my other willing followers. I am always present to enable you to do all I ask. We form a team. I am the Enabler and you are the faithful follower. Together, we will succeed.

Come to Me each morning to be discipled by my Word and Spirit. I am pleased that you seek my fellowship. With that fellowship I supply peace as well as grace. And that peace is strength in action as it overcomes worry and fear generated by circumstances around you.

Grace and peace to you, child, NOW and forevermore.

I love you.  Abba

Deuteronomy 31:6; John 14:27; 2 Corinthians 12:9

Live in the Moment


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1 Corinthians 2:16b “…But we understand these things for we have the mind of Christ.” (NLT)

Father – Thank you for revelation knowledge and for giving me the mind of Christ. I don’t fully understand all that means, but I trust you will teach me as I need to know more. You are the Source of all knowledge, strength, peace and love, plus everything good, true, and beautiful. I love you and expect you to continue the life changing work you have begun in me. Thank you, too, for your love and faithfulness.

Child – Keep your spiritual eyes open. Don’t allow yourself to be too entangled in the “world’s” situations. There is a spiritual battle going on. Keep your eyes and ears tuned to Me. I am leading you in the way you should go. Pray as I direct.

Constant contact with Me produces peace. Bring all decisions from the small to the great to Me. Nothing is too small or too difficult for Me to be involved with. Keep your eyes open to all those who are around you. Spread my love. Be aware of the moment for all life occurs there! 

Remember I am with you and love you.


Philippians 1:6; Isaiah 26:3; Philippians 4:6-7