It’s Important


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Matthew 6:33  “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” (NJKV)

Father – Forgive me for my wandering mind. Fill me with yourself so that my thoughts, desires and actions will reflect your character and bring you honor and glory today in every situation I face.

Child – You know that I am to be first in your life. Your obedience to get out of bed and come away are the first steps. It pleases Me that you do get up early to meet with Me even though your mind wanders at times. Quiet your mind and heart. I am here and I love you. 

Since I am in you, we have twenty-four hours a day together. What makes the early morning special is that I can then be your full focus. As you are quietly reading My Word, you hear Me speak and you get strength for the encounters of the day.

You have an enemy, child. He’s out there waiting to attack. In our quiet place, you get filled again with conscious thoughts of Me, My power and My presence. Then when the attacks come, you can stand in My shadow and Satan can’t touch you.

Get energized by Me, child. I am your source of life and I prepare you and your way. Rest in Me. I will be in charge, if you let Me.

Remember we’re in the yoke together. Come, grow in Me!


John 10:10; Psalm 91:1; Matthew 11:30


Don’t Be Afraid


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Colossians 1:15a, 16b, 17b “Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. Everything has been created through him and for him. He holds all creation together.” (NKJV)

My Child – Don’t fear the future. You know the One who holds the future – yours and everyone else’s. You were created by Me and for Me. It gives Me much pleasure when you seek Me and spend time with Me. I created you to fellowship with Me and to be loved. You are uniquely made, one of a kind, just for Me.

Don’t fear anything, not even the seeming challenges of getting older. I am with you in and through all you will face and I love you. I am your strength, your hope, your life. Continue to seek Me in the morning. I energize and rejuvenate you as you spend time with Me.

I am faithful. I am and will continue to be all you need in every circumstance. Let Me live through you. I have people to bless through you, but most of all, I want to love you. As you spend time with Me, I will conform you more and more into My image.

I walk with you in and through all things. Rest in Me. I have overcome the enemy. You are Mine, little lamb and I am your Good Shepherd. Let Me live through you today. Ah, the adventure!

Love you,  Abba

Isaiah 46:4; John 16:33; John 10:11


MY Burden Bearer


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Psalm 55:22 “Cast your burden on the Lord, and he shall sustain you.” (NKJV)

Father – My burdens – health, job, family, friends, enemies, the past, whatever they might be – are to be cast on you. To cast is to throw out, to release, or let go of. My burden is to be given to you, for only you can carry it, handle it, or even begin to “fix” it. 

Is this a command, Lord? Am I in disobedience when I hold onto things, people or situations that are burdens rather than passing them off to you? Isn’t that taking the easy way out? Won’t it look like I don’t care about the “situation” if I don’t continually try to “help” solve it?

My Child – How can you enter into My rest when you try to take over My role in your life? I am the burden bearer. I know both the beginning and the end. Only I can truly handle the situation in a way that furthers My kingdom.

Stop getting in My way. You can actually be an impediment to the best resolution by trying to “do it” yourself. Let go and let Me work. Trust Me to love you and the people involved. I have the best way. After you have truly given Me your burden, your “job” is to relax.

Don’t try to take it back. You only prolong the problem when you do. Let Me free you. You are to look to Me, not yourself, for the solution. Check your focus, child. Is it Me or you? Remember, Father knows best!

Love you,  Abba

Hebrews 4:10; Matthew 11:28-30