A Chosen Vessel


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1 Timothy 6:20a “…guard what has been entrusted to your care.” (NIV)

Child – You have been given the privilege of setting captives free through my gospel of peace and deliverance. As my indwelling Holy Spirit leads, you are to speak my words to all I put in your path. Don’t be afraid you’ll say the “wrong” thing. If you stay close and listen, I will give you exactly what needs to be said to that person at that time.

But you must stay close and keep a listening ear tuned to Me. Don’t let your mind get cluttered by extraneous images and sounds. Walk the narrow path staying tuned into my “radio station.” I am always guiding both your steps and your words.

Be obedient to say what I give you to say and leave the results up to Me. I am preparing hearts to receive my words through you. I am your provider and you have been given my words of life, freedom, joy, peace and love to share. Be quick to hear and slow to speak, but when you sense my prodding, be my bold mouthpiece.

You must also be on guard because Satan wants to get you sidetracked. Put on your armor daily so you can stand against him and the strongholds he’s helped develop in others’ lives. Guard your heart and mind by bringing all thoughts captive to my Word (Christ).

You are my chosen vessel, my light in your part of the world. The wise men followed the Star to my Son. I am your light and others will follow MY light through your witness. That’s one reason I am always with you.

Listen and do as you are led. Stay close to ensure it’s Me you hear. Silence any other voices in the name of Jesus. Walk boldly remembering the I AM goes with you. I love you, child. Your willingness to be my usable vessel pleases Me greatly.


1 John 3:24; Ephesians 6:10-18; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5; Matthew 5:16


Our Work


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1 Corinthians 3:5c “Each of us did the work the Lord gave us. (NLT)

Child – All believers are given work to do to help the spread of my kingdom. All workers are equal in my sight even if some seem to be more important in this world’s rating system.

I recognize and reward everything done for Me. Nothing is considered too small nor is anything considered extra important. All actions or attitudes are important because they show the level of a person’s commitment and obedience to Me.

That’s why no one has a right to judge another’s value in, or contribution to, my kingdom. Everyone has an individual call. You are to honor that even if it doesn’t appear important in your eyes.

Comparisons are useless. You only see the external results while I look on the heart motives and the degree of obedience. Only I see everything involved. Be concerned with your part. Are you fully obeying Me? Check your heart for the true answer.

I love you, child, and have blessed you just as I have blessed others. Focus on your obedience and don’t waste precious time looking at others. Each person’s call is individually tailored to them. Yours is to do your assignment and pray for others to do theirs. Then my kingdom truly will come on this earth.

Love you bunches,  Abba

1 Samuel 16:7; Matthew 7:1-2; Colossians 3:17; Matthew 6:10

Choose to Listen


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Isaiah 53:4 “Yet is was my weakness he carried; it was my sorrows that weighed him down.” (NLT) (my version)

Father – Thank you for loving me so very much that you sent Jesus to make my life all that you want it to be. He came to bear my weakness and sorrow, to make me right with you even though I had rebelled.

Child – Really think about what I have said about you in my Word. I have done great things for you. You were created by Me for Me. It pleases Me that you are once again seeking to spend time with Me so that you may know Me better.

You must come away to a quiet place to fully hear my voice. I am always speaking, but all too often your ears are tuned only to the voices of the world. Those voices can and often will distract you from my very best plan for you.

It is for your benefit that I am available at all times. Only I can supply your need for guidance and peace. Do not seek or listen to other voices. They are all “fake” sources of wisdom.

Ask Me. I will answer, but you must choose to listen. Learn to recognize my voice. Watch for your blessings today. Stir up your attitude of gratitude. That will keep you in constant fellowship with Me.

So glad you chose to seek Me this morning. You will be too!


Isaiah 53:4-6; Mark 1:35; Colossians 3:15-17