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“If within us we have nothing above us, we soon succumb to what is around us.” P.T. Forsythe

Father – Thank you for your patience with me. When I stray, you draw me back to you by increasing my desire to seek you. You are my source of life and strength for the day. May I always seek you first so that my path will be straight even in this crooked and perverse time!

Child – Chosen. You are chosen to honor Me with your daily life. All minutes on this planet are mine and are to be dedicated to Me first. Then as you go your way, you will actually be going my way. Thus I will give you my guidance, vision and power for everything you face and everyone you meet.

You’ve asked for eyes to see others as I see them. I am granting that to you. As you take time to look at those in your path today, pray for them and ask Me to work in their lives.

I came to seek and save those who are lost so there will be many children in my house. You are also one of my “seekers.” Be mindfully aware of the world around you so that you can minister to those I place in your path. You are my eyes, ears, hands and feet to bless others physically, emotionally and spiritually as I lead.

Take care of your temple so you can remain strong all your earthly days. We have much work to do. As you seek my face each morning and yield to Me, I will work both in you and through you to bring change that will last. You are mine and it pleases Me that you desire to listen and obey.

We go fishing, Child. The wind may blow and the waves may rise, but do not be afraid for I am at the helm. Rest in Me and trust as I lead the way.

You are loved!  Abba

Matthew 6:33; Matthew 18:11; John 3:16; John 1:12; Matthew 4:19




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Psalm 23:5c “…my cup overflows.” (NIV)

Child – You are mine and the full blessing of inheritance is yours. You are blessed to be a blessing and out of what you are given, you are to overflow to others.

Don’t try to keep it just for yourself or your family. I have others to bless through you. When you are full to overflowing, my goodness and mercy can flow into the lives of those I put in your path.

Remember there are no coincidences or chance meetings. All are part of my plan for your life and theirs. Treat these encounters with the respect they deserve for they come from Me.

Ask Me for eyes to see what I see in them. Then ask for my help to love them with the same loving acceptance I show towards you. Release any hurts and disappointments to me. Do not judge – that is my job and mine alone. Reach out in my strength and my love. I am leading you so don’t be afraid.

Spend time with Me first each morning so you can be filled. Do not let the enemy steal our time because that will render you ineffective. The overflow is new each morning! Come to Me to be replenished.

We go loving and ministering. I am ready to go. When you spend time with me first, you will be too. I love you, child. I also love all whom I have created. You have listened and found the way of life. Show others this path.

Everything is to be done in my power and for my glory and honor. I choose to work through you to bless others. I am leading. Hang on, child! The journey gets more exciting.

I truly love you!  Abba

2 Corinthians 9:8; Matthew 13:16; Ephesians 5:16; Matthew 6:33



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Romans 6:14 “For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.” (NIV)

Child – Grace, my unearned favor, is a powerful gift containing all you need for a daily life of victory. It gives you my ability to overcome all the attacks of the enemy. You can see through his deceptions and avoid the snares he sets up for you.

Walk in my grace. Although it is a gift, you must choose to appropriate it and use it as needed. Your enemy is relentless but you need not fear him. He has already been defeated. Do not allow his lies to trick you into believing he still has power over you.

He was your old master, but through salvation, you have a new master, Me. Your choice each day is to look to Me and forget the old ways that led to death. Walk with Me and I will provide life, light and peace. Look to Me for discernment in any decisions you must make.

Remember you have been set free from sin. Therefore, choose life with Me today!

Love you,  Abba

Ephesians 6:12; John 10:10; Proverbs 3:5-6