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Psalm 36:9 “For you are the fountain of life, the light by which we see.” (NIV)

Father – Thank you for being my ever-flowing fountain of life and a light to my path through this present darkness. You are awesome, my Rock, Redeemer, and my Life.

Child – I am always with you – ever present, ever guiding, ever leading as you allow. I am your Source of life in all areas of your need. Look to me eagerly each day to see what we will do. I have great and mighty encounters ahead for us.

You often search for the miraculous while missing that I am fully at work in what you consider the mundane and ordinary. Every meeting is an opportunity to be a blessing or to be blessed. Ask for My eyes to see all the “God possibilities.” We go ministering. Consider what a great privilege that is, chosen one!

I, your Creator, love you with a unique love designed just for you. I can do that, for I AM God and you are Mine. Think about that today and rejoice in your specialness.

Yours forever, Abba