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Matthew 11:30 “For MY yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”

Child – Whose burden are you trying to bear? If you are struggling under a burden and are worn down by it, check to see if it is actually MY burden, or is it one you have picked up thinking it was Mine? Are you really listening for My voice and direction or are you forging ahead thinking you know where I want you to go or what I want you to do?

Remember, you are not leading, I am. But if you don’t take time to really listen, the enemy can misdirect you with seemingly good ideas that can lead you into the field of discouragement. Make sure you are in the yoke with Me.

All good works done without Me are useless in an ultimate sense serving only to feed your ego and perhaps produce a limited result in the world. But works I am preparing for you have great potential to change not only you, but those to whom they are directed. You must be always listening, always seeking My face and heart. Otherwise you work hard for Me and yet are not really doing My will.

What have I set before you to do? To love others – in all settings you find yourself! Give My love away to those in your path today. Lavish My love on others. It’s a resource that is freely and fully replenished as you spend quiet time with Me. Come to the fount of blessings and be filled to overflowing.

I am here, Child. Partake of Me and rest in My ability to accomplish all I desire in and through you. Then you will walk with Me in My yoke and we will go out blessing.

Love you unconditionally,  Abba