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Psalm 37:5 “Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him and he will help you.”

Child – I am your source of life, direction and purpose. When you commit your plans for the day to Me, you reflect back what I have placed within you. Your desire is to be pleasing to Me. That honors Me and I continue to lead, guide and direct you.

Your willingness to yield to Me and to commit each moment of your life to Me is the best way to go. I am leading. Don’t let the enemy discourage or delude you. Discouragement can lead to inactivity through unbelief in My love. Delusion leads to thinking you are in charge and then can ultimately lead to full blown pride and misdirection.

Trust Me. I give you breath and life for the day. Give Me your will and devotion, then we will go out together. I will help you see, hear, and be able to do all I ask of you today as you commit yourself to Me.

I am so glad you love Me and desire to please Me! You do, you know…

Love you, Abba

Proverbs 16:3