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Psalm 73:25 “Whom have I in heaven but you? I desire you more than anything on earth.” Romans 12:16c “Don’t think you know it all.” (NLT)

Child – Do you truly desire Me more than anything on earth? More than your “need to be right?” More than your need to control “your” time and “your” possessions?

Your critical eye towards others’ unique (i.e. different) way of living and making decisions shows Me this area of your life isn’t fully yielded to Me. I created them different from you; not wrong, just different. All of you are created to bring Me honor and glory, but you are not meant to be lockstep thinkers. You personally miss the mark when you get your eyes off Me and onto others and their “ways.”

Pray, pray, pray – first for My eyes to see as I see them and then for My heart to love as I love them. You are not to be their judge, but their lover and encourager. Think and speak words that build up. Speak only what is necessary to be a blessing. I am with you to help you do this. Change happens as you look only to Me.

Come loving with Me, Child.   Abba