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Psalm 86:7 “When I am in distress I call to you for you always answer me.”

Child – You need Me to guide you and to rescue you. That’s the way I created you. In the garden I walked with Adam and Eve, but that close fellowship was lost when they sinned. I restored this fellowship with Jesus’ blood sacrifice. Now I walk with you each moment because I have come to live in you. I am here to lead the way, to make your steps sure and safe.

Do not be afraid of the future for I am here with you every moment and I know what lies ahead. Just seek My still small voice within you. It pleases Me when you “check in” for guidance. All decisions you face today are part of My plan for you and I am ready, willing and able to help you make the right ones. Rest in that fact.

I love you and am ever present here with you. You can’t leave home without Me, but you can choose to ignore Me. Be wise and listen. I have the best planned for you.