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Luke 10:39 “Mary sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what He taught.” (NLT)

Child – Set your priorities. Don’t let the good crowd out the best. You are letting trivial activities crowd out your special times of seeking My face and hearing My voice. Nothing you are spending “your” time with is bad, but it is not the best. Seek Me and My presence. I am always here, but you often choose to fill your free time with distractions rather than talking with Me or learning more about Me.

You have neglected consistently reading My Word. You are missing insights into Me and My plan for your life. You will increase your desire for Me by spending more time with Me one on one. It’s like learning a new skill. Practice makes perfect. In order to become Christlike, you must spend more time with Me on a personal study basis. Guard your time and spend it wisely. It’s the most vital thing you have while in your earthsuit.

Focus on Me. I will increase your desire for Me and we will go walking through the rest of this day as lovers and friends. We have an eternity ahead, but only a limited time in the “now” of earthly existence. Choose to use your time wisely for the hour is getting darker. But be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world and I live in you!

Let’s go learning and loving, Child!

Love you,  Abba