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Psalm 103:13 “The Lord is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him.”

Thank you, Lord,that you choose to be like a Father to me – tender and compassionate despite my inattention and wilfulness. I do love you, Abba, and I look forward to being with you forever, but I get so easily distracted by life here in my earthsuit. Thank you for your patience and unfailing love!

ChildYou are Mine. I created you for Myself and I know your strengths and your weaknesses. I am at work in you this very moment, drawing you to Myself and changing your view of Me and others around you. I am your source of love and compassion. Call on Me to fill you as you need these qualities to interact with and bless those in your path today.

I use others as heavenly sand paper to smooth you so that you reflect My beauty. Don’t resist this process. Recognize it as a blessing and embrace the times of polishing with joy, knowing I love you and care enough to continue molding you into My image.

Walk with Me today, watching for My work in and through you. Let My compassion flow to those you deal with. On your own it can be difficult and discouraging, but with Me it can be “a piece of cake.”

Rejoice in My presence!   Abba