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1 Chronicles 14:10 “So David inquired of God…”

Child – You are to always inquire about situations you face. You have an enemy who has a great number of “helpers.” He is always ready to attack you as you face your day. The key to victory in all situations – big and small – is to seek Me and My direction.

I am the Way Maker. I know the best way to travel today’s path. You and I are going together. So far you are just asking for My help to face the day. Why not ask for total victory? Notice David inquired of Me and I gave the victory to him. The results appeared to be through him, but it was actually My working. All success comes from Me for My glory.

Guard your heart so that you, like David, seek Me and My direction in all things. Then follow those directions. I will give you the victory and you will see My working and give Me the glory. I will explain all this more fully another day.

Seek, inquire, obey. That’s your job today!

Love you, Child.  Abba