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Isaiah 43:4b “…you are precious to me. You are honored and I love you.” (NLT)

Child – This is as true for you individually as it was for the Israelites, My chosen people. I created you for Myself to love you and have fellowship with you. Only your inattention to Me can prevent you from experiencing the fullness of My love.

In this earthly world, you will experience troubles because you have an enemy who is out to steal, kill and destroy. But I AM in you to fill you with My life of abundant strength and peace. I have overcome all the obstacles the enemy may try to place in your life today.

My love for you and through you conquers all the challenges of the enemy. But you must choose to walk in that love to allow it to flow over you and through you as you travel through this day. The Source of Love is within you ready to bubble up and cover not only you but everyone you contact. Seek that love, because as you do you are seeking Me and I am all you need for all you will face.

I love you so much that not only did I pay the ransom for you with My own blood, but I chose to fill you with Myself once you acknowledged and accepted My gift. So right now, you are fully capable of facing whatever comes. You are never alone.

I love you, Child. You are truly precious in My sight.  Abba

John 10:10; John 16:33; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20