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Revelation 4:11b  “For you created all things and they exist because you created what you pleased.” (NLT)

Child – I created all that I pleased and you are one of My creations. Always remember you were created by Me, for Me and Me alone. All your parts were chosen and assembled by Me at the proper time and you are My beloved, special, unique creation – “built” to please Me.

Live in that knowledge now. Walk with assurance that you are loved and special to Me. No other is like you. You fill your special niche in My world at this particular time and place. You are important in My plan to reveal Myself to others.

Walk closely with Me. We go blessing everyone in your path today. Encourage them with your words. Bless them with your prayers – both spoken and quietly breathed to Me. Today is special because we go out together. Use it wisely to honor Me and bless others. It is your present from Me for you and those you meet.

Blessings and love, My special one!


Psalm 139:14