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Psalm 5:12 “For you bless the godly, O Lord; you surround them with your shield of love.” (NLT)

Child – Are you enjoying My shield of love or are you attempting to live beyond the shield? Whose dreams and plans are you pursuing today? Only I satisfy.

You are My chosen one and I love you fully and freely. Nothing else can compare with My love for you. I am providing all you need for this day. Do not look to anyone or anything else. Again, only I satisfy.

Your restlessness is due to a small core of rebellion. Do not stray from My shadow. Walk close to Me today, ever seeking for My voice and direction. I have all under control. Obey Me and do what you’ve been given to do.

You are fully loved. Share that love with those in your path. I am still leading. Are you following? I have given you My peace. Are you walking in it? As always, it’s your choice.

Love, joy and peace – My gifts to you. Enjoy them now. Only I satisfy!


Psalms 90:14; 103:5; 145:16-20