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Psalm 73:26 “My health may fail and my spirit grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.” (NLT)

Father – These are comforting words in this unsteady day and life. You are my rock, fortress and deliverer. In You I place my trust. All good comes from You and You love me. May my life bring praise and honor to You today!

Child – Always recognize I am the complete source of your life’s needs. Spirit, soul and body are energized by Me. That is why quiet time spent with Me is so vital for you. All strength and blessing comes from Me and I am always ready to supply all your needs as you seek Me each day. 

As with My supply of manna to the Israelites (Exodus 16), you receive grace sufficient for the day but also hope for tomorrow. Eagerly seek My face. I will supply, but you must remember you need Me. You can do nothing of kingdom importance without Me.

Don’t get side-tracked. Focus on Me and I will bless you by providing all your needs at the appropriate time. My supply is sufficient for the present moment, then the next, the next and the next.

I AM your All Sufficient One. Joyfully hold onto that truth and rest in it. I am here and I am all you need, now and forever.

Really love you!  Abba

Philippians 4:13; Philippians 4:19