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James 4:17 “Anyone,then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.”(NIV)

Father – That’s a scary scripture! I don’t want to sin but I often ignore your Holy Spirit prodding me to do a good thing like call, pray, or write an encouraging note. Your word this morning called me to task about my omissions. Help, for I am weak, lazy and selfish with “my” time.

Child – All time is My time. The very fact that you once again awoke to another day in your earthsuit is a gift to you from Me. Remember whose you are and why you were created.

You are Mine, created for Me and bought by Jesus’ blood. So your time is actually Mine and I will direct it according to My will and plan. My still, small voice is always speaking to you showing you places where I call you to be a blessing and a light. Listen and obey. That gives purpose to your seemingly ordinary life.

You are My chosen vessel, created to bring Me pleasure and to bring others to Me. I am giving you eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that cares. Draw near to me and you will have all you need for whatever I ask of you.

I bless others today through you. So be obedient when you hear My voice. Trust Me to guide and provide. I am responsible for you, but you must choose to be an active part of our partnership.

Blessed to be a blessing! Contentment will be fully yours only as you yield to Me and follow My directions. Sin is missing the mark. When you don’t follow through, you’ve missed the best for both you and for the “blessee”. Don’t let that happen by giving in to worldly distraction and disobedience.

You are Mine, but you always have free choice to listen and follow or to ignore Me. Of course, My way is the best way!

Still love you,  Abba