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Mark 4:34 “… Privately, however, He would explain everything to His own disciples.” (HCSB)

Child – Quiet time alone with Me is not just a “good” thing it is an issue of life. Without time set aside with Me – One on one – I will not have your full attention and you will miss the instructions for the day.

I created you for a moment by moment connection with Me. The world you walk in is so filled with distractions – both good and bad – that it is challenging to hear My still, small voice. Therefore, it is vital for you to take special time with Me.

My Son arose early to fellowship with Me and get His marching orders. It is foolish and even deadly for you to think it’s not important for you to do the same.

Time spent with Me recharges your spiritual battery. All you will do today – blessing, ministering, listening, encouraging and most of all, loving – takes power. That power flows out of you to those in need just as it did from Jesus.

As you spend time with Me you get rejuvenated and fed for the day ahead. Don’t let the enemy trick you into thinking one day of sleeping late won’t matter. It does!

I call to you each morning. The catalyst for My loving touch is time spent with Me. Guard it wisely.  Obediently come and be renewed by your Creator and your God. Remember I love you and have the best planned for you. It pleases Me when you put time with Me first!


Mark 1:35; Mark 5:30