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Romans 1:1 “…a slave of Christ Jesus…singled out for God’s good news.”

Child – You have been called to be a proclaimer of the good news of My redemption to all you meet. Sometimes you will actually get to fully explain all that means to one particular person. But most often you will only drop tantalizing hints of what could be possible in a person’s life if they accepted My redemption.

You are My signpost pointing the way to Me and My blessings. I call to everyone but depend on My people to actually show and tell how I bless when a person answers My call.

You are My living example of love. That’s why I am always working within you to increase your love for others. I give you My eyes to see those you encounter – the good in them and lies of the enemy harassing them.

We go setting captives free by living the blessed life and sharing the good news that’s available for them, too. It’s an awesome responsibility, but My Spirit who lives within you equips you to do it. Never try to do anything without checking for direction and help. I am providing everything you need for the situations you will face today.

Rest in that assurance and eagerly look forward to what this day will bring. We go showering love and blessing today.

Love you,  Abba

Isaiah 61:1-2; Philippians 4:19