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Romans 14:13 “Therefore, let us no longer criticize one another…” (HCSB)

Child – Criticism or judging others is not My way. My way is to acknowledge the behavior or attitude and then to gently change it through love and acceptance of the person, not the behavior. My love through you can conquer all ugliness you may face. Criticism breeds contempt and contempt does not love.

My love, in and through you, is balm to the hurting world around you. Spread it lavishly! Come to Me, the source of love, and I will replace all the love you give out. Bless those in your path today.

Be My willing vessel of love and acceptance. I am drawing others to Myself through you. You are My witness to the goodness and reality of a life with Me and empowered by Me!

We go loving and accepting today. Check your attitude and repent if it is critical. Confess and release it to Me so your motives will please and honor Me.

Love you,  Abba

Matthew 7:1