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Psalm 92:14 “They will still bear fruit in old age…”(HCSB)

Child – No matter what your age, you are still able to bring Me and My glory to those you meet. I, the I AM, live within you to empower you to do and be all I have for you. All this is a result of My love for you and your acceptance of that love.

I am love and I desire good for all. You were born in a particular place on planet earth. It is your assigned domain. I live in you to bless not only you, but those in your path today.

I desire all to come to know Me. I allow discontent in the world so that people will tire of the superficial and long for more of the real. Only I provide what is truly real. I am all that is worthwhile and I desire everyone to come and drink fully of My life-giving water.

You were created to be a flowing source of that water. Come to Me each morning and I will recharge the current. Do not let yourself stagnate. Refresh yourself in My presence so you then can refresh others.

Be obedient to My call and you will overflow with My blessings. Don’t short change yourself by allowing sleep to steal our precious time together. I can and will renew your energy when you seek Me early. That’s a promise!

I love you, child and want the best for you. Don’t let lesser things take My place. You only have so much time allotted in your present earth suit. Use it wisely, for the times are evil.

Bear fruit as I lead and empower. I am with you always. Be content and joyful in that fact! The future is before you. Walk boldly into it. I go with you and I love you!


John 7:38; Ephesians 5:16; John 15:5