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Psalm 73:25 “My health may fail, and my spirit grown weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.” (NLT)

Child – Forever never ends. Always with you now and in the future. Take heart in these words of life. No matter what you are physically experiencing, I am here. Take comfort in that fact despite the challenges you are facing.

Walk with Me, trusting Me to provide all you need for the day. Live each day fully focused on Me and My love for you. That will empower you to experience My peace and joy in the midst of any trials you enter.

I love you and have always loved you, even before your entrance onto planet earth. I knew you before your present existence and I look forward with great anticipation to spending eternity with you.

Do not despair as your body ages. That is My natural process for getting you ready for the great adventure that lies ahead. Trust Me to be with you both now and forever. You are fully loved.


Psalm 73:23-24